Specialized Technicians Required
Art Carrier

A piece of work by Manuel Saiz presented as part of the programmeSpecialized Technicians Required at the Galería Moriarty in Madrid

Art Carrier: Caja metafísica (Art Carrier: Metaphisycal Box) is a video conceived and recorded in such a way that it only makes sense when projected onto one of the facets of the sculpture Caja metafísica (coopered steel 1958) by Jorge de Oteiza, which belongs to the collection of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.
The video in which a person measure the sculpture's dimensions has been specifically made for the sculpture, thus complementing or commenting on it. A further explanation of the process is outlined below.

This is the sculpture Caja metafísica, which is viewed from different perspectives.

The side chosen to be measured by the Topographic Engineer in the pictures to the right can be seen frontally in this image.

Manuel Saiz films the person measuring the specific side of the Caja metafísica.