Tit for Tat
By Manuel Saiz

Tit for Tat is a book difficult to categorize, as it might be seen simultaneously and alternatively as a collection of poems, a manual of sculpture, an historical novel or a staged hyperlink experience. At first sight is a miscellanea of anecdotes and stories in which there is a certain sculptural quality.


Paperback: 170 pag.
Publisher: One True Art Books (10 December 2014)
Language: English
Dimensions: 10,5 x 15cm.
ISBN: 978-84-606-6770-4
English editor: William Truini
Proof reading:  Ana Bescós
Design: Double D/Sign
Printed by: iGraphic, Spain

Inside This Book
First Sentence

I believe there is a reason to put this collection of texts together, although it is not clear even to me what that reason is. Rather than writing this note it might perhaps have been better to leave the book to its own devices, and to the readers, if any, to decide what kind of blend it is, to determine the character of the connections between stories which at first appear so unrelated.

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