Train Time Zeit Zug (TTZZ)
By Manuel Saiz

An artist has a vision. He wants to build a 2400 km circular high speed train track in central Europe crossing Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium and The Netherlands. A convoy running at 200 km/h will need 12 hours to cover the circle. Its movement will act as an art installation, a continental dimension clock, a tourist attraction and as a symbol of the European identity.


Paperback: 168 pag.
Language: English
ISBN:  978-84-92749-22-5

Language: Spanish
ISBN: 978-84-92749-21-8

Dimensions: 17 x 21 cm
Text By: Manuel Saiz

Including DVD 150 min documentary, with subtitles in English, Spanish, German, Italian and French and a separate folded map.

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