Curated show about video art

25hrs is a project of TheVideoArtFoundation (TVAF) whose aim is to offer a full view of the video art made between 1990 and 2003. The show was presented at a moment when the market structures and the presentation and distribution networks of contemporary art were being questioned, partially due to the new situations brought by the introduction of the video as a medium to in the contemporary art world.

The project was a thorough selection of video art works produced from 1990 (when the easy access to the recording and editing equipment spread out the medium) to the time of the show. It has various phases: selection of the works, publication of a catalogue, public presentation in an extra-artistic space specially prepared for the screening, international promotion of the event and itinerancies.

25hrs happened on May 2003 at the Polideportivo del Raval in Barcelona. It shown the work of 330 artists during 25 hours non-stop. The event was directed by Manuel Saiz and organized and curated by Luisa Ortinez, Jorge Bravo and Manuel Saiz.