1998 – Campo Kaiten Shot

Campo Kaiten Shot

Video Installation

Campo (“field of vision” in Spanish) Kaiten (“rotation” in Japanese) Shot was taken in Lima, Amsterdam, Tokyo and New York with artists/performers based in these cities by using their own rooms as a set and their own monitors, tripod, bed and others as props. The same actions are performed by four different artists in four different cities.

A performer wakes up and gets dressed in 90 seconds. Then s/he starts setting up a tripod and video camera in the middle of the frame in 90 seconds. The performer operates the camera to record the “out of the field of vision”, which is shown on the right-hand wall of the audience, in another 90 seconds. Tripod and camera are taken away. The tape, which is just recorded by the performer, is inserted into the video set located in the centre of the frame in 90 seconds again. The video monitor in the centre of the frame is zoomed in, and the next scene starts (the one which is supposed to have been shot ).

Campo Kaiten Shot makes us explore the dual meaning of “out of the field of vision,” the main concept of this work: Firstly, objects and actions which exist in next to the image but out of the frame. Secondly, objects and actions exist inside of the frame, but the audiences are not able to see them. These two meanings being associated with the concepts “time” and “space” make Campo Kaiten Shot a tautological device that produces two movements; one that makes the space round and the other that makes it deep. The audience is in the centre of the hurricane interacting with the projections.

Campo Kaiten Shot was shown in ARCO, the Spanish Art Fair, in a special section, “Project Rooms” ( Gallery Trinta), curated by Rosa Martínez.

Performers: Begoña Muñoz (Amsterdam), Seiji Takeda (Tokyo), Andrea Ramos (Lima), John Lindell (New York).

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