1994 – Blind Fate

Blind Fate

Clay and straw

This installation was made in response to the invitation of the Greek curator Sania Papa to take part in the International Meeting of Sculpture at the European Cultural Centre in Delphos (Greece). Many artists from different countries came to Delphos to produce a work to be installed in the side of the mythological mountain Parnassus. My installation consisted in some thirty heads casted in clay and straw out of my own modelling. They were installed as if the body was buried beneath. It was inspired both by a torture of American Indians that rendered sufferers blind by forcing them to look at the sun, and by a line recited by Jocasta in Oedipus Rex: 'Of what can, a man driven by a blind fate, be afraid?'. I also projected the sculpture in such a way that, after some rainy days, it would melt with the red soil of the Parnassus.