2004 – VideoDictionary


Video Art

A project by The Video Art Foundation, about language and moving images.

This project aimed to make a collection of videos of less than one minute duration that define different words in the dictionary. It will reflect on the relationship between objects and words, and the capability of moving images to construct meaning.

The videos are made by a wide variety of video artists from different countries and language speakers using video in their work. Videos contain words neither on the images nor on the soundtrack, so the dictionary is available for speakers of all languages. However, English will be the primary language for classifying and ordering the entries.

There were many presentations in different institutions, which found several videos each until we collected 85 works/words.

It was presented at: Casco Gallery (The Netherlands), Impakt Festival (The Netherlands), La Casa Encendida (Spain), Loop Festival (Spain), Centro de arte Santa Mónica (Spain), Island Film and Video Festival (UK), Image Forum Festival (Japan), Caixaforum (Spain).