2006 – Communicating Vessels: video works by seven Spanish artists

Communicating Vessels: video works by seven Spanish artists 

The Hara Museum of Contemporary Art
April 22nd 2006
Exhibition curated by Manuel Saiz

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It is a “must” for contemporary artists to know what is being done by other artists in different places of the world. It is also important to see their own background, their own culture from outside to understand deeply what they are and what is their own work and their interest about. Spanish artists are not an exception and many of them, at one point, have leaved Spain to be part of the art scene in other places of the world. They come back regularly to Spain and act as carrier of new images and ideas in both ways.

The programme reflects on the way cultures are merging, onto what extend personal cultural background is indelible, and on the art as a communication and knowledge tool. It shows significant works of artists born in Spain, part of the Spanish art scene but living simultaneously in different countries of EU and America.

The artists in the show share the facts that have been born in Spain and that they left it. Each one has been very specific in which country has wanted to move to.

List of Artists

Jordi Colomer (France)

Alicia Framis (Netherlands)

Dora García (Belgium)

Sergio Prego (USA)

Tere Recarens (Germany)

Manuel Saiz (UK)

Fernando Sanchez Castillo (The Netherlands)

(The countries given are the artist's resident country)

The Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, 4-7-25,
Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo 140-0001

Tokyo (Japan)