2003 – Xpert Scheme

Xpert Scheme

Curated exhibition


A show for the Tokyo Designers Week Container Exhibition in Odaiba (Tokyo), October 2003. The show is composed of videos by ten international artists to be projected consecutively onto on screen inside one of the containers. The total running time of the programme is around 40 minutes.


The selection has been made thinking of the special conditions in which the videos are going to be seen. The main determining factors are, first, that the cultural environment in which the works will be shown is different from that of the art galleries and museums and, second, that the space is narrow and the audience, presumably, will be plentiful. In one hand the selection is based on works that relate in different ways to the ideas of structure, order and synchronicity, carefully crafted and finished, in opposition to other video art styles which relay exclusively on concepts or on art history references. This make them interact more intensely with proposals for the other containers, made mainly by designers, as well as creating alternative meanings in its combination.


The videos will be shown in one single screen one after the other, with 20 seconds of black screen in between. During these pauses the name and technical data of the video will appear in another screen at the side. Title and author of the videos will be also written in glow-in-the-dark paint and will be illuminated in such a way that during each video, the correspondent information will glow quietly on the sidewall. A wall would divide the space for better darkening and to minimise the sound interferences from the outside. On the exterior face of this wall a small LCD screen will show the programme to those who are arriving to the space.

Artists / works