2013 – The System of Objects

The System of Objects

Experimental Documentary Video. 45min.
Spanish language with subtitles

Forty people from a village of 300 inhabitants on a mountain area in the north of Spain give account of how appliances and electronic gadgets have entered, on stealthy fashion, on every area of their lives. From homes without a toilet, running water or electricity, lighted with torches, to a well spread reality of gadgets and facebooks in a race of less than 40 years. Interviews recorded in Villoslada de Cameros, La Rioja (Spain) in spring 2011.

Roberto Pajares

Félix García
Andrés Elías
David Leza
Johana Sáenz Laguna
Juan Diego Elías
Jesús Sáenz
Vicente Moreno
Jesús Manuel Sáenz
Juan Cruz Moreno
Sagrario Elías
Deogracias Albina
Domingo Hernández
Carlos Sáenz
Gonzalo Sáenz
Roberto Rincón
Ana Rosa Gil
Manolo Montenegro
José Julián Sáenz
Gema González
Mª Jesús Sánchez
Sandra Leza
Ruth Leza
Miguel Ángel García
Pilar Hernández
Jesús Sánchez
Ramiro Moreno
Francisco Pinillos
Lucia Sáenz
Mª del Valle Albina
Juan Francisco Rincón
Esther Rincón
Emilio Sánchez
Clotilde Rincón
Benito Pinillos
Javier Leza
Roberto Rincón hijo
Julián Sánchez
Donato González
José Luis Sánchez